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How Can I Create Search Engine Friendly Website?

Quite often I am faced with questions like, “Why doesn’t my site or blog come up in search engine result?” or “What are the search engines looking for in any particular site?” While I have all along been mentioning about important tips that you may follow to optimize your site, it is also essential that [...]


Building High Traffic Website: Essential Tips

In some of my earlier posts I have provided you with tips on how to create an effective landing page. However, let me tell you that just creating an effective landing page is not enough to ensure high viewer response. Rather, it is essential that each and every factor of your complete website is optimized, [...]


Fraudulent Pay-Per-Click Companies: How to Avoid Getting Tricked??

Everyday I am faced by numerous questions from people, trying to clear some or the other of their doubts. However, one question which I am most frequently asked, especially by the beginners is that, ‘How can they avoid being cheated by fraudulent pay-per-click companies?’. Though, this may not seem like a worthy question for most, [...]

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