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Using RSS to promote your affiliate blog

Adding a blog to your affiliate site is a great way to promote the site and increase your overall internet presence. Once you have made 5-10 posts its helpful to submit your blog to as many RSS directories as possible. This will help others find and distribute your feed. Its important to keep updating your [...]


Blogging For Successful Affiliate Marketing

In my earlier posts I have suggested numerous interesting ways in which you can increase the ranking of your affiliate site. However, never before have I mentioned anything about blogs as being important affiliate promoters. Yes, you heard it right! Blogs can actually act as important tools for elevating the page rank of your actual [...]


Maximizing Affiliate Profits: Essential Tips

Entering into affiliate marketing is one thing and reaping considerable profits from your affiliate marketing programs is a completely different thing. I have been mentioning all along that aiming for success in affiliate marketing is not as easy as it truly seems. There are a whole lot of efforts that you need to put in [...]

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