In some of my earlier posts I have provided you with tips on how to create an effective landing page. However, let me tell you that just creating an effective landing page is not enough to ensure high viewer response. Rather, it is essential that each and every factor of your complete website is optimized, so that you can ensure recurring traffic.

But, unless and until you are aware of the things you need to know that can stand as obstacles in fetching you good traffic, you cannot possibly work on it. For this, I thought I might prove resourceful in putting some light on the factors you need to consider while building any website. To start with, you may consider the following basic points:

  • One of the most important factors to consider are the keywords. You need to identify the most popularly searched keywords with reference to your site and then build your web page around these keywords. Subscribing to some site which can help you come up with a list of popular keywords can prove to be of help in such cases. Then of course the content too needs to be good.
  • Just like every book has an index that gives an idea about the content of the book, every website must have a sitemap that acts as an index of all the pages included on the site. This ensures that all your pages are being indexed and this holds especially true for those using framed HTML pages on their site.
  • Just like individual pages of a book are of no use unless they have been bound together, the individual pages of the site hold no value unless they have been properly linked through HTML links. This makes the task of web-crawlers much easy.
  • If you wish to have good authoritative sites link back to you, then you not only need to receive awards from sites who administer them, but you also need to administer awards yourself. Only then can you expect to build good links with other relevant sites.
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