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Optimizing Affiliate Marketing Banner Placement

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Banner Ads can serve as fairly effective tools for promoting your affiliate programs online. In fact these often serve as eye candies for the online surfers. However, the trick lies not just in the placement of the banner ad but in the correct placement of these ads [...]


Top 50 Books On Affiliate Marketing

Here is a well compiled list of a total of 50 books dealing with affiliate marketing. Included in this list are books to help the affiliate newbies as well as the seasoned affiliates. High Performance Affiliate Marketing : Jeremy Palmer Super Affiliate Handbook : Rosalind Gardner Day Job Killer : Chris McNeeney Affiliate Marketers Handbook [...]


Best Blog Promotion Tips

In my last post I had advised you about the positive effects of developing a blog for your affiliate sites. But guys, if you have a feeling that just by developing a blog you can sit back and let it work for you, then mind you, you are on the wrong track buddies! If you [...]

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