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Using RSS to promote your affiliate blog

Adding a blog to your affiliate site is a great way to promote the site and increase your overall internet presence. Once you have made 5-10 posts its helpful to submit your blog to as many RSS directories as possible. This will help others find and distribute your feed. Its important to keep updating your [...]


Start your own Web Directory

If you have an established website starting your own directory can be an easy way to get free content, reciprocal links and even a little extra money. If your website has some page rank it may work to start your own bidding directory. Two places to start if you want your own bidding directory are: [...]


Directories – List of Lists – The best directory lists

Rather than try to make my own list of the best directories I am posting the best lists of directories on the web: Paid Directories List – a great list of paid directories sorted by page rank Niche Directories List and Blog Directories – a top resource and well organized. Vilesilencer – These lists are [...]

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