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Designing Tips For Your Landing Pages

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, landing page is not just the home page of any site, but rather any page that appears, whenever a customer clicks on a search-engine result link or on an advertisement. Being such an important page, through which visitors are introduced to the entire site, landing page is [...]


Optimizing The Landing Pages

How many of you do know what exactly a landing page is? I am sure not many, since most of the people I come across are under the impression that landing page is nothing but the home page of any site. However, home page is not the only landing page but rather just one of [...]


18 Ways to Improve the Quality of Landing Pages

Are you concerned with the quality of your website? Quality is a primary factor in SEO and in building a website for the visitor. Consider some of the following options for your website: Interactivity – post a question or comment (script) or to a forum. Create content to show activity. This is a must at [...]

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