Just as my last post was aimed at helping you guys identify the affiliate scams, I would also like to share with you then the ways in which you can identify a genuine affiliate program. Such programs are not very difficult to discover, they just need some intelligent judgments on your part. Here are some tips you may follow:

  • The strongest indicator of a worthy affiliate program is a good product. A genuine affiliate will use the sponsor’s products in the best possible way and will have a thorough knowledge of its market demand.

  • Do a careful research on the affiliate company before joining them. Check out its achievements and failures.

  • While joining an affiliate program, it is always better to start with the low end products, restricting yourself to the average market of $10 to $500. Do not aim for the high end products right in the beginning.

  • Besides researching on the company’s profile, also go through it’s terms and conditions carefully. Confirm on the commission the company offers to extend. Be sure they are offering a decent percentage.

  • Be absolutely sure that the company has an efficient and skilled customer care and support system. Also the company possesses useful training tools and techniques. The company should have a well established system that can guarantee to protect the theft of your ID.

  • Of all these essential identifiers of a genuine affiliate program, one important requirement still remains to be a well developed tracking system. You should be able to track back your profits and losses.

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