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Identifying Affiliate Scams

From my last post, you must have already got an idea as to how to avoid falling for fraud affiliate programs and affiliate scams. However, before you can prevent yourself from falling for such frauds, you need to know how to identify them. In this post I have included some warning signals that you may [...]


How To Avoid Affiliate Scams?

With so many people entering into the affiliate world each day, there has been an equally large increase in the the number of affiliate scams and frauds. My personal belief is that, if you are planning to start an affiliate program, you need to be ready to face the risks too. The trick lies in [...]


Fraudulent Pay-Per-Click Companies: How to Avoid Getting Tricked??

Everyday I am faced by numerous questions from people, trying to clear some or the other of their doubts. However, one question which I am most frequently asked, especially by the beginners is that, ‘How can they avoid being cheated by fraudulent pay-per-click companies?’. Though, this may not seem like a worthy question for most, [...]

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