Here is a well compiled list of a total of 50 books dealing with affiliate marketing. Included in this list are books to help the affiliate newbies as well as the seasoned affiliates.

High Performance Affiliate Marketing : Jeremy Palmer

Super Affiliate Handbook : Rosalind Gardner

Day Job Killer : Chris McNeeney

Affiliate Marketers Handbook : James Martell

Make Your Site Sell : Ken Evoy

Affiliate Millions : Anthony Borelli and Greg Holden

The Expert Guide To Affiliate Marketing : S. Mills

Crime Pays : Crime Affiliates

The Little Black Book of Online Business : Paul Galloway

E-Book Marketing Exposed : Digi Market Makers

The Affiliate Marketing Success Roadmap : Manuel Ortiz Braschi

Affiliate Selling: Building Revenue On The Web : Greg Helmstetter and Pamela Metivier

A Practical Guide To Affiliate Marketing : Evgenii Prussakov

Profit Pulling Blogs : Jesse McCloud

Affiliate Marketers Handbook : Manuel Ortiz Braschi

How To Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program : Jude A

Secret To Top Affiliate Marketers : Lisa Frebzel

Affiliate Cash Flow Marketing : David L Hancock

27 Ways To Hidden Affiliate Profits : Jeff Deiss

Strategic Affiliate Marketing : Simon Goldschmidt, Sven Junghagen, Uri

Modern Online-Marketing-Methoden : Diana Schmahl

7 Common Mistakes Made In Affiliate Marketing : Wesley Beck

The Sicko Affiliates : Mr. Lil One

Success For Affiliate Managers : Jeff Raymond

Successful Affiliate Marketing For Merchants : Shawn Collins and Frank Fiore

Affiliate Programs : Joel Comm

Insider Rollout Secrets : Neil Shearing

Internet Success Spider : Neil Shearing

Internet Success Diamonds : Neil Shearing

The Road Map To Internet Success : Donny Lowy

30 Days To Internet Success : Joe Kumar

Success 101 : Liz Tomey

Ezy – Internet ABC : John Williams

The Secret of Success : William Walker Atkinson

Internet Copycatting : Melvin Ng

The Right Way To Success : Pam Renovato

Stolen Success : Dale Calvert

The Affiliate Marketing Manual : J.W. Hayes

The One-Stop Marketing Book : Jonathan Trivers

Big Affiliate Marketing Pay Days : Michael Cheney

The Affiliate Marketing Primer : Sherry Gordon

Introduction To Internet Marketing : Lawrence Harte

PPC Affiliate Marketing For Beginners : John Thornhill

Luke Jeffrey’s Affiliate Marketing Fast Track : Luke Jeffrey

Global Marketing Management A Case Book : Christopher A. Bartlett

The Marketing Book : Baker, Michael J, Hart, Susan

Jumpstart Your Affiliate Marketing : Brenda Cyr

How To Make Money With Your Blog : Forrester, Duane/Powell, Gavin

The Brand Marketing Book : Marconi and Joe

The Expert Witness Marketing Book : Hamilton, Rosalie R

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